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        Kaiwei Electronics was founded in 2 0 0 3. Our company is one of the pioneer in the production of electronic smoking/electric bicycle items. With years of development, we have created our core technology, which has provided us an outstanding reputation in Europe, North and South America, and Asia.

        We provide tailored and flexible OE M and ODM services. To continue to service the demands of the market, our experienced R&D team releases new designs regularly. And we can also create a new sample according to your specifications. Your O D M ideas can be turned into a concrete sample in a short time.

        With close to 13 years of experience in this field, we have obtained many patents for appearance and configuration of our products.         

        Our own brand EGQ /Jacob And 雅馬遜 are well-known all over the world .In addition, our products carry C E, RoHS, F C C, F D A and PSE marks, and come with one-year warranties. Quality and quantity assured.

        No Minimum Order Quantity Requirement

        We have a monthly capacity of up to 40 0,0 0 0 units. Typically, orders of 3,0 0 0 to 4,0 0 0 units can be delivered in as fast as two days. We have no MOQ, allowing you to place orders according to your specific needs.

        Company Culture

        Win the reputation of customers with integrity and innovation, and seize market share with professional and brand.


        Become an international brand and become the largest supplier and supplier of electronic gifts in China


        Brave, professional, honest, innovative


        Create value for customers and bring health to users

        Address: Yintian, Xixiang, Baoan District, Shenzhen,
        Block B, Building 2, Xifa Qiqi Technology Park


        Mobile: 13725516878



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